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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Cat Who Came Back 

Earlier this year (second post, down there somewhere) I wrote about Dolly Parton's covers album, and in it mentioned Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, predicting that he might be making a big comeback to the music business soon.

He is!

His new album, An Other Cup, comes out on the 13th of November, and I'm dead excited about it. The lead single, "Heaven / Where True Love Goes" is getting decent airtime on Radio 2, and it's very good. Just like the Cat of old.

I have one fear, though, and I hope he breaks an unfortunate trend: popular musicians who return with a new album after several years' absence tend to die soon after. It happened to John Lennon mere weeks (or less) after the release of his Double Fantasy. It happened to Kirsty MacColl a few months after her rather fantastic Tropical Brainstorm came out. It happened to George Harrison shortly after he'd announced that he had been back in the studio. It's probably happened to others over the years. And now dear lovely Yusuf is releasing a new album. I hope he proves to be the exception - all those other artists I mentioned were among the best ever, and all got taken away from us way before their times.
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