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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lil rubber ducky, rubber rubber ducky. 

Back to the 1922 Popular Mechanics. There's a little article about a horse with an artificial "nose" in its neck. Fairly standard, really: it's a little silvery tube inserted into the windpipe to assist breathing. First time I've seen such on a non-human, that's all. Only took me 84 years to notice.

And on another page is another small article describing what was apparently a new invention. Here's the text of it:


On the order of the inner tube of a tire, much used by nonswimmers to make floating and deep-water breathing safer and more enjoyable, a buoyant contrivance of a more elaborate character has been devised, that has the appearance of an exaggerated duck, or other amphibious animal. This improved float, or buoy, is not blown up like the tire tube, but is made of waterproof material filled with a very light packing. It surrounds the body of the bather, like the tire tube, but is much larger and has a duck's or other animal's head in front.
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