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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Strange Little Girls 

Another covers album! Hurrah! This time, it's Tori Amos and her Strange Little Girls record. The angle was that all the songs are about women, but written by men. She's taking the song and doing it from a female perspective, allegedly. You'd think that would require a bit of re-writing: prime example is her version of Eminem's '97 Bonnie & Clyde (no, really!), which contains references about and by the singer to "daddy" and "husband". It's a little odd to hear some of the lines coming out of a female mouth, but it works. She does a good version of the song - not a rap in sight (thankfully). Also on here is, as one might expect, Strange Little Girl, originally by The Stranglers, Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence, 10cc's I'm Not In Love and The Boomtown Rats' I Don't Like Mondays. The highlights, though, are Heart Of Gold, originally by Neil Young, and Tori's take on The Beatles' Happiness Is A Warm Gun. I could go into detail about how fine it all is, but I won't. It's not actually all fine - like most Tori Amos albums, it's too long and too padded - but it's a decent listen. Just not one I put on very often.
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