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Monday, July 10, 2006

Thank You. No, Thank YOU! 

Duran Duran did a covers album too. It's been hailed as one of the worst covers albums ever attempted by a major artist. It's called Thank You. Most of the people who bought it probably thought, "yeah you'd better be thanking me", before taking it off to the local CD exchange shop. But I like it. I may be weird.

It opens with their version of White Lines, as originally recorded by Grandmaster Flash and friends. White British middle-aged men attempting to do a rocky version of an old rap song? Should be awful. Most people said it was. But I like it. I may be weird.

Also on here are Elvis Costello's Watching The Detectives, Bob Dylan's Lay Lady Lay, and the Doors' Crystal Ship. These are songs a lot of people say should never be re-recorded. A lot of people are wrong (Lay Lady Lay exists in dozens of versions - that lady must be thoroughly laid by now) - but they might just mean that these are songs that should never have been re-recorded by Duran Duran. But I like them. I may be weird.

Also on here is a version of 911 Is A Joke, a song originally by Public Enemy - that is to say, another old rap song being covered by a load of white British middle-aged men... but I sort of like it. I may be sort of weird.

And the title song, a Led Zeppelin tune. I may not be weird.
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